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Stylistically shaped & glamour of the 80s

This case is partially based upon a text written by the architect studio karhard for Arch Daily. When studio karhard were commissioned to design the interiors of the new Sony Music headquarters in Berlin, they first established the connections to this historic location. The site on Bülowstraße in Schöneberg is closely connected to Berlin’s music history from the late 70s to the present day. Stylistically, the building is shaped by the glamour of the 80s with a lot of steel, glass, and glitter, for example, in the form of stainless-steel mosaics, but also colourful carpets and shiny planters. The Swedish company Blå Station was represented in the transformation of Sony Music’s office with their extremely flexible BOB sofa and the table CUT, by Thomas Bernstrand and Stefan Borselius, as well as the versatile chair LUCKYby Luka Stepan, made from pressed wood veneer. To create the Sony Music headquarter aesthetics, studio karhard combined materials typically more likely to be found in clubs and bars, such as black asphalt screed flooring, a creamy white facade of exposed aggregate concrete, and backlit glass slats. The cosy and stylish atmosphere on all levels is created by unusual furniture selections. In the many conference rooms, tables are made of different materials, such as concrete and linoleum and were combined with chairs that in turn have been upholstered differently from room to room. An important player in making this happen is Jörg Saggau at js.agentur. They have been working since 2005 to support manufacturers, architects, project developers and dealers in Germany with sales tasks and marketing strategies. With the Show Lab concept NORDIC MASTERS by js.agentur, they present and market top brands within the furniture, interior and lighting areas from Germany and Scandinavia. Jörg Saggau, js.agentur

“One challenge is always to match and stake out the possibilities in industrial production with architects at an early stage. In this case, js.agentur brought together the two partners, studio karhard and Blå Station, to fulfil the high demands of the concept. The cooperation with Blå Station is very familiar and goal-oriented, and I love projects designed by studio karhard. The match between the two teams was just perfect,” says Jörg Saggau. We also wanted to get Blå Station’s view on this project and caught up with Johan Lindau to ask a few questions. Johan Lindau, CEO at Blå Station Johan, why do you think your furniture fits so well into the environment of Sony Music’s office? – We don’t design furniture for specific environments or aim to create for specific clients. We develop furniture to solve specific design problems. In this case, our products solved studio karhard’s problem. A win-win solution for both of us. How is it that a furniture producer from such a small town in Sweden can assert itself so well internationally? – Design and quality speaks a universal language – it’s just a matter of being visible, clear and accessible. Good ideas don’t just emerge in the world’s metropolises, they evolve from those with a focus on problem-solving. How do you think it is that Blå Station were chosen for this assignment? – To be seen is to be found. Blå Station participates in around 10–12 international fairs and exhibitions each year. We are an internationally established brand accorded great respect for our design, quality and distinctiveness. “You’re not like everyone else” is the most common thing we hear from our customers. Jörg at js.agentur and studio karhard are dear friends of ours and great business partners.

Photos by Stefan Wolf Lucks.



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