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DR Koncerthuset is a cultural institution in the northern part of Ørestad. Part of an intriguing urban renewal area in Copenhagen, with well-known projects placed head-to-head along the verdant and lush canal. Designed by French architect Jean Nouvel in 2009.

For the audience, the concert house was a cultural maze, entering a three-in-a-row studio construction—like a giant walnut of audial experiences. There was just one problem: there was a need for human scale and more dynamic use of the connecting, walnut-like foyer. “When the foyer connecting studio, 2,3 and 4 was rebuilt we installed +Halle's Ø as a centrepiece to activate the room,” says Jonas Hartz ... bringing softness and playful layers to Nouvel’s grand atrium. “The sofa installation underlines the social aspect of the live concert experience and stands out in Nouvel’s raw architecture.”

The house had been a myriad of culture, but when interiors were readdressed after a decade in use, the house realised more dynamism was needed in the areas between the studios and halls. The concert house got behind a purposeful re-activation strategy and Kilo design was commissioned, making the case that more informal use of the foyer would improve the quality of the total experience. “The ambition was to stimulate a larger cohesion between the time spent before and after the concerts,”

Jonas Hartz, social design specialist and designer at Kilo design.

Ø is the Danish word for island. It's also a bench system centred around human activity, designed by Kilo for +Halle to accommodate the many-sided needs relating to daily use in modern, soft contract environments. A series of small islands, Ø can work as individual modules, or interlock, to create larger formations that suit the needs of your space. The organic shapes and multiple options make for warm and welcoming seating areas.

Ø is accessible from all sides, creating a space for socializing and working collaboratively in a flexible, informal setting.


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