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BLÅ Station _STHLM Furniture Fair 2020

Welcome Bobby, Park+, Still Life and many others

BLÅ Station furniture families are thriving and growing with new members. Bob now has a little brother in Bobby, a slender companion that can be used as a freestanding easy chair or attached together to form infinitely long sofas. Bobby was born out of a request from Los Angeles, where an architectural firm loved Bob, but the comfy, extremely adaptable sofa wouldn’t really fit their current assignment. Along with Stefan Borselius and Thomas Bernstrand, we wondered how the seat depth could be shortened: not by taking away half of the back rest, certainly – so we concluded it was time for a new family member. Bobby has shrunk 24 cm in depth and is suddenly an independent, soft and comfortable, ample seating unit which, thanks to powerful magnets, can join together to form sofas perfect for narrow or restricted areas.

Since we love interlocking furniture systems, we could hardly say no to an idea from the Italian design trio CMP, and have jointly developed Park+. We reverse the trend of bringing indoor furniture out in the open – why not invite park benches inside and with them an easy-going, informal atmosphere that helps everybody relax and socialise? These 1, 2 and 3-seaters can be arranged in long rows, but also in whatever configurations you like thanks to the small interlinking table. The seat ribs are upholstered to provide a soft, cushioned experience for indoor use. But of course outdoors colours abound: bright yellow, lush green and terracotta red – and watch this space for more!

Seating is also in demand for bars, bistros and coffee places, and here we welcome two stunning new products. Australian-born Marcel Sigel has devised Still Life, a seemingly ordinary wooden chair with perfect seating comfort, but where the curly bent backrest of the chair provides a unique yet familiar look.

Combo 1, 2 and 3 by Stefan Borselius and Thomas Bernstrand are a result of getting tired of cumbersome bar furniture where you always trip over the legs. Combo takes the form of three cast aluminium pieces that provide a table, seating and footrest, either individually or joined together. Suddenly, here are new interior architecture elements that offer striking graphic silhouettes ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use.

The Åhus family has also been enhanced with a new member. Miss Åhus is a slender and elegant chair combining wood and lacquered metal. While the family was born from our collaboration with the design collective Outofstock, the new addition has been designed by two of the founders: Gustavo Maggio and Sebastian Alberdi.

We are also proud to present some clever updates to current products. The sturdy, all-wood Pinzo chair by David Ericsson is joined by three low coffee tables and a reversible seat cushion. And finally, we have the acclaimed Röhsska chair by artist and designer Fredrik Paulsen, which is now starting a family of its own with the addition of a barstool. No wonder Fredrik has been awarded the titles of Designer of the Year by Swedish design magazine Rum, and Inspiratory Designer of the Year by Elle Decoration. He is also the creator of the Design Bar at the Stockholm Furniture Fair this year; so don’t miss it when you visit the fair!


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